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Compounding allows pharmacists to create products that fit their patients needs, such as changing its strength or altering its form to make it easier to ingest. Through the triad relationship of patient, physician and pharmacist, all three can work together to solve unique medical problems.

What We Compound

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical hormones are the same that your body produces and when given properly can soothe out hormone imbalances, without causing many of the negative side effects of synthetic hormones. The patient works with their physician and their compounding pharmacist to choose the dosage and route of administration that is most beneficial. Dosage forms include capsules, topical creams, suppositories, sublingual lozenges, and sublingual tablets.


The most difficult to prepare are dermatological compounds. These are multi-ingredient products that are customized to each patient. Many preparations require very special techniques and stabilizing compounds to prevent grittiness or degradation. We specialize in dermatological products that many other pharmacies do not carry, or have access to.

Pain Management

Compounding offers patients customized options for pain medication. We can provide alternative methods of delivery for medications, such as highly penetrating transdermal creams, gels or sprays, which get the medication directly to the site of action.


Many children have difficulty with swallowing commercially made tablets and capsules. A compounding pharmacist can prepare medications for children in alternate dosage forms such as oral suspensions, gummy treats and lollipops, all in a wide variety of flavors.


Administering medication to your pet can be extremely difficult. We change that by creating different forms of medication to best suit your pet's needs. We can compound almost any medication that your animal has been prescribed. 

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